Grief and Depression Part 1

Sometimes you need a hand to holdThere has been much debate in the mental health profession through the years about the differences and similarities between grief and depression.

Changes in eating and sleeping, low energy, decreased concentration and decreased pleasure are true for both grief and depression.

How are grief and depression different? Grief can be shared in community. Depression is isolating. Grief is an emotional experience that happens to us. Depression overtakes us and can numb our emotions.

Grief reminds us of what is important and what matters. Depression diminishes the meaning from what once mattered.

Depression often includes suffering from lack of self-love and belief in one’s own significance. Grief is suffering from having lost someone of significance who was loved.

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Dr. Patrick O’Malley is a psychotherapist in Fort Worth, Texas, specializing in grief counseling. For 35 years, he has counseled individuals, couples and families in his private practice. Dr. O'Malley has recently published a book, "Getting Grief Right" about grief recovery.

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