“I feel in between two worlds,” a woman whose husband recently died told me. “I know the life we shared is over, but I don’t have a vision of what my life will now be. I look around and see so many memories of the past. How do I live in the future without him?” Liminality is the space between … [Read more...]

Services Pending


“My beloved uncle died unexpectedly from a heart attack, and I am isolated hundreds of miles away,” a young woman told me in our video counseling session last week. “What are we supposed to do? Only 10 of the family members come to the service and burial and stand six feet apart with masks … [Read more...]

Living Losses and the Coronavirus


Dear Reader, Last week I video-visited with my coauthor Tim Madigan about the living losses we are experiencing in this time of the coronavirus. Tim has posted our conversation on his blog   In Tim’s piece you can link to an podcast I did a couple of weeks ago with Michael … [Read more...]

The Season of Myrrh


It is a story often repeated this time of year. The three magi come from the east, following a star to find the Christ child. When they find Him they worship Him and present three gifts – gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Theologians and Bible scholars have offered ideas about the symbolic meaning … [Read more...]

Interview with Radio Host

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Dear Readers, Here is a link to listen to an interview I did with Francesca Luca of Boston Radio WATD 95.5. This show will air today November 20 at 8:30 p.m. EST. If you are unable to listen tonight, check back for archived shows on Francesca’s website … [Read more...]


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A woman whose spouse recently died stated her goal for coming to therapy: “I do not want to cry every time someone asks me how I am doing. I am a very private person, and it embarrasses me when tears flow and I am in a public place with others.” Many who grieve are open about their loss and … [Read more...]

Writers Who Grieve

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As a young clinician and grief therapist (and bereaved parent), I read every clinical book I could find about the experience of grief and loss. I believed I could find solutions to the anguish my clients and I felt by reading the experts in the field. As my understanding about grief changed from a … [Read more...]

Moments of Grace

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A widow recently described a trip she took shortly after her husband’s death. “I wanted to have a private retreat, so I booked an Airbnb in a small town in the mountains. I expected to be alone for several days to mourn in private, and for the most part I was alone. But the owner of the cabin came … [Read more...]

Bearing Witness

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The legal definition of bearing witness means to attest to something that is true. If you are called to court to testify, you bear witness to the truth of what you saw or what you know. If someone is telling you their story of loss, they are bearing witness to you about the truth of their … [Read more...]

Another Layer of Grief

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A grieving man described the sadness he experienced due to the behavior of some family members after his wife’s death. “My adult step-children asked me about our wills before the day of her funeral had ended. I could not believe what I was hearing. How could they be so insensitive on this of all … [Read more...]