Grief and Depression Part 2

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Grief and depression can intersect in ways that cause confusion for those who mourn. It can be difficult for mourners to know if they are also depressed during their time of sorrow. •    Some who grieve may have experienced depression prior to their loss or are already depressed at the time of … [Read more...]

Grief and Depression Part 1

Sometimes you need a hand to hold

There has been much debate in the mental health profession through the years about the differences and similarities between grief and depression. Changes in eating and sleeping, low energy, decreased concentration and decreased pleasure are true for both grief and depression. How are grief and … [Read more...]

Care, Not Cure


The Journal of the American Medical Association reported several years ago that if an individual continues to experience the stages of grief after six months and has not reached the final stage of acceptance, they should consider getting an evaluation and possible treatment. A summary of this … [Read more...]

What Was, What Will Be, What Might Have Been


This year I have experienced the death of my uncle and the birth of another grandson. The day I am writing this post is the 35th birthday of my son Ryan who died in 1981. My Uncle Frank was my last relative in the generation before me. He was deeply loved by his family and all who knew him. He … [Read more...]

The Right Way to Grieve


Understanding how you are “wired” may be helpful to you as you grieve. If you are highly social and need interaction you may desire a good deal of contact with others as you grieve. More introverted grievers may need to withdraw and retreat to process their grief. If you process information … [Read more...]

Hesitant to Feel Happy

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Many grieving folks feel pain when they have a moment of happiness after their loved one has died. They often describe feeling disloyal to the one who has died if they have an emotion that is not sadness. Or they describe feeling guilty for having pleasure when their loved one cannot be there to … [Read more...]

Sights, Sounds and Scents

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A few years after our son died I was bathing our dog, and a profound surge of sadness came over me. It took me few minutes to realize that the scent of the antiseptic soap I was using to shampoo the dog triggered the memory of being in the NICU, scrubbing up to visit our son. We know our loved … [Read more...]