Grief and Depression Part 2

Christmas candle bokeh with multiple flames but focus to the buring wick of only one candle with copyspace

Grief and depression can intersect in ways that cause confusion for those who mourn. It can be difficult for mourners to know if they are also depressed during their time of sorrow. •    Some who grieve may have experienced depression prior to their loss or are already depressed at the time of … [Read more...]

Grief and Depression Part 1

Sometimes you need a hand to hold

There has been much debate in the mental health profession through the years about the differences and similarities between grief and depression. Changes in eating and sleeping, low energy, decreased concentration and decreased pleasure are true for both grief and depression. How are grief and … [Read more...]

Care, Not Cure


The Journal of the American Medical Association reported several years ago that if an individual continues to experience the stages of grief after six months and has not reached the final stage of acceptance, they should consider getting an evaluation and possible treatment. A summary of this … [Read more...]